A Message from the Publisher

I came to Berkeley at the start of 1965 and brought with me a scene 'zine I was putting out while a student at Cal State LA; it was called ET TU magazine. That 'zine turned into Rag Baby magazine in the fall of 1965 after I moved to Berkeley. Michael Beardslee, ED Denson and myself who were the staff forgot to get "copy" for issue #4(?) and decided that we would put my song "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die Rag" on a 33 1/3 RPM extended play 7" vinyl record. It came out in October 1965. That was the birth of Rag Baby Records.

All these creations were born out of desperate need to communicate during political crisis in America. The first was the early 60s civil rights movement. The second was the Vietnam War. This time it is the crisis of the Clinton administration, in particular his desire to put US military personnel and our current "peace" in harm's way. So we give you the cyberspace public Rag Baby Online Magazine.

CJM, owner, publisher...and other stuff

We at Rag Baby Online Magazine promise to do all we can to make the horrible miserable facts of life in the almost 21st century entertaining.