News Report: Country Joe at The Liz

Country Joe’s trip to England was a big success for many reasons. He got to visit Florence Nightingale’s family burial plot in East Wellow and participate in the annual church service in honor of her birthday May 12th. And also to be present at her annual commemoration evensong service at Westminster Abbey in London.

But the biggest surprise was performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London with Nick Saloman and The Bevis Frond. Country Joe performed solo for one hour and then took an intermission beginning the second half with thirty minutes of Nick Saloman and Country Joe on acoustic guitars playing "Pat's Song" and several new songs, one -- "Carry On" -- dedicated to the memory of Linda McCartney and Lady Diana Spencer. Then the band came on. The Bevis Frond is normally Nick Saloman on guitar and vocals, Adrian Shaw on Bass, and Andy Ward on drums, but for this night -- to get that special Country Joe and The Fish sound -- Adrian’s son Aaron Shaw debuted in his first ever public appearance playing keyboards for "Bass Strings" and "Rock and Soul Music," and even took up second guitar for the double guitar lead ending to "Death Sound Blues."

In the end the old hippies and new hippies were dancing in the isles.

The evening was recorded in DAT and we will give some hits as soon as we get the tape. At the moment another Queen Elizabeth Hall gig is in the planning and the hall director promised to put on a Terrastock Festival in the Hall. Country Joe is talking with the promoters of the Danish and German festivals he is playing about the possibility of The Bevis Frond playing the gigs with him. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Joe Borneo, Reporter at Large

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