A Celebration of the Life & Spirit of David Gypsy Chain

"I envisioned a totally organic event like a wake. Not strangers in the audience but family and friends. Not a venue, but a familiar place...."

"We would feed our souls, and Barry and I would try to help us maintain in this difficult time... music can do that."

--Country Joe McDonald
Event poster On Sunday, October 4, Country Joe MacDonald and Barry "The Fish" Melton make a rare concert appearance together at the Mateel Community Center. These artists are coming together to join with our community during this time of tragedy -- the death of David Gypsy Chain.

Giving his life to the Headwaters Forest campaign, David was slain when a man known as A.E., a logger working an illegal Pacific Lumber timber cut, felled a tree which crushed the life out of this exuberant 24-year old activist from Texas.

Following this week's memorial services in Humboldt County, Country Joe and "The Fish" will perform to celebrate the spirit of life and activism against corporate greed and violence. Other local musicians and perhaps some surprise guests will perform or make presentations during a potluck dinner.

Friends of David Chain will call in and talk about his life; videos from the current activities at base camp will be shown; and members of the legal team will update us on the state of legal initiatives against Pacific Lumber and the logger responsible for killing Gypsy.

The Earth First! Media Center was founded in 1995 by Andy Caffrey, a veteran Earth First! activist who moved to Southern Humboldt last year. Working to explore computer technology, e-mail lists, and web sites to expand the range of environmental and social organizing activities, Caffrey specifically founded the Media Center as a way to help get the word out when Earth First! experiences times of crisis.

In 1990, he made the Redwood Summer video and toured the U.S. for two months telling the true story of the car bombing ofJudi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Within one week of David Chain's death, the Media Center has gotten the word out over the Internet to over 100,000 activists around the globe. On the Media Center web site, the Media Center has published the complete transcript of the video showing the enraged logger shortly before he killed David. At the concert THIS SUNDAY, Caffrey will be experimenting with a two-hour call- in fundraising marathon with the goal of raising over $10,000 for the wrongful death lawsuit in the name of David Chain.

Earth First! Media Center