"I love old John Wayne movies.
It's the only time you get to see Indians."


Can't Happen Here
(for Ward Churchill)

The poster announced a Conference on Genocide
at a Southern California university.
Represented were Jews, Armenians, Cambodians,
even Gypsies, but no American Indians.
I phoned the professor in charge,
who had "thought of including Indians,
but the students decided against it."
He explained: "Indians don't fall
within the dictionary
definition of Gen·o·cide,
namely 'the systematic,
planned extermination of a people.'"
"You don't think invasion, land theft,
chronic muder of civilians & the slaughter
of 50 million bison with the intention of starving
Indian people, wasn't planned?"
"No," he said, "we just went too far."

Maggie Jaffe

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