News Report: 30th Anniversary of Woodstock Celebrated at Yasgur's Farm

I just got back from Woodstockin' with Country Joe and thought people might like to know a bit about the stars' experience and opinions of Woodstockin' 1999 sooooooooo ....

The 30th of Anniversary of Yasgur's Farm people who own the original site of the 1969 festival: Max Yasgur (the farmer/owner) rented his farm. he died. It was sold to a guy named Gerry. He is 73 years old. Anyway the people putting it on seem a bit more like fans than pros; the promo and production, etc., were very professional but other stuff was very weak.

The show was good, the weather was great. Joe read the names of the Sullivan County Vietnam War dead and that was well received. The audience of 10-15,000 yelled "fuck" very nicely plus David Cohen of the original Country Joe and the Fish played organ and acoustic guitar with Joe on several tunes (and will also join him in Westhampton September 3rd.)

The place was very clean and full of guys dressed like Tidy Bowl men who wore shirts saying "Burns Security." There were lots of state cops and private cops and even some typical rock and roll big guys who said no you can't do this or that. Kinda like going to Disneyland. which is exactly what Gerry wanted. Country Joe got paid. We went up the road a few miles to the free Wanna Party political convention on Max's other farm (yes, folks, he was a farm-owning fool) and it was like a big hippy scene. No straight lines, no Ps and Qs, helter skelter, thousands of hippy types surrounded Roy and Jeryl and their young sons abode for weeks climaxing in 3 days. I arrived about 5 pm Sunday night. I played on a very nice home-made stage which was connected to Max's old barn. Very groovy, one of the nicest gigs I have played in a long time. All well behaved and well planned months in advance.

The weather was terrible days before but wonderful on the Sunday. In the farm house after my set just chillin' in walks Mike Lang, the man himself. We all were stunned then shared a good round of hellos and good vibes, a few pointed querries for sure, but all with good feelings. He said he was going to walk in the woods and check out the campers and the scene. Joe had to go and so did I.

Back at Gerry's Yasgur's pay per view Woodstock Radio was videoing and recording for webcast and will be putting together stuff from the show. Too bad they did not go over the Wanna Party free rally and record and film -- maybe next year, it is all brand new.

Joe Borneo (Aug 16, 1999 still on a Woodstock 99 high sayin' bye)