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Contrary to common belief, women are welcome and equal participants in the major milita groups across the U.S. The following, received from the Militia of Montana listserve, clearly indicates that women are encouraged to participate in guerrilla training.

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Subject: Last Call For Guerrilla Training Up North
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 23:50:01 -0400
From: Norm Olson <>
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PLEASE DISTRIBUTE -- MILITIA TRAINING INVITATIONAL FOR AUGUST. Guerrilla Training -- Part III -- Ambush/Sniper Training -- Combat Handgun -- Wilderness Food Hunting and Gathering.

Michigan Militia members are invited to train with the Northern Michigan Regional Militia Wolf Pack on August 27, 28, and 29. Training will take place on 120 acres of remote private wilderness adjacent to 50,000 acres of state land on the west side of Black Lake, north of Onaway, MI.

Training will emphasize and reinforce squad and unit training such as:

1. Basic squad movement along roads, in cover, etc. Night maneuvers, search and destroy, and flanking attack.

2. In addition, this month's training will emphasize ambush, concealment and sniper skills. A course in combat handgun skills will also be provided. Terry Bishop will teach the combat courses.

3. New this month will be field training in capturing game. Woodsman and trapper, Morey Denton, will instruct courses.

4. Basic drill and ceremony will also be taught. Wearing of the uniform, saluting, and basic instruction in military decorum and etiquette.

Those wishing to attend should meet NLT 27/1730hrs at Fort Wolverine to convoy to the Mud Creek Militia Training Facility. Training will continue Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday until 6pm. Those who have not been to Fort Wolverine should contact me ASAP (

Basic food and quarters are provided, however anyone wishing to bring a tent is invited to do so. Messing will be under field conditions. Bring messing gear. Fresh water will be provided. Basic meals will be provided to include venison, fish, beans, rice, veggies, and whatever.

Bring the following:

Militia should bring all of their field gear. A river float is not scheduled. Flashlights must be equipped with red lenses. Radio comm techniques will utilize the small "family net" radios (Sportabout class). Individuals will need two compasses. Goggles or eye protection is recommended for moving through the woods. Bring weapons cleaning gear. Bring bug repellent and netting. You are advised to wear your "booney hat" rather than the standard ball cap since the cover can be dense at times. Bring camo face paint. Bring kerosene or gas lamps. In addition, those participating in our Wolf Pack training should bring a semiauto rifle and a handgun if you have one. Bring your Ghillie sniper concealment suit if you have it. A course in sniper techniques will be given. Trainees will be given instruction on building their own Ghillie suit. Bring old burlap material and earth tone yarn. Bring 50 rounds of rifle and 200 rounds of pistol ammo. Bring a "MagLight" class flashlight for nighttime combat handgun training.

A combat handgun course has been developed with 60 targets. Shooters will record the number of cartridges they will shoot. The minimum will be 24 rounds. Shooters will be scored by the percentage of actual hits. Shooters may shoot at any or all.

COMBAT SUPPORT TRAINING. If you are not able to participate in Wolf Pack training, you are still invited. Site entry and perimeter security training will also be conducted. Field phones have been placed to augment radio. Other training is available. Cantonment orderlies, mess assistants, medical staff support, supply personnel are all needed. Combat Support troops will be required to attend all classes.

LADIES. Women may train with the men as guerrilla fighters. Some may want to participate in Wolf Pack training, others may not. Female militia will be quartered in their own barracks.

This is the FOURTH of many training opportunities being offered to militia this summer. Each month's training builds upon the previous training. You won't want to miss out. I urge everyone who can to take advantage of field training offered by the Northern Michigan Regional Militia. Our trained veteran staff is here to teach you what you need to know to elude, evade, avoid, and survive.

Attendees are to meet at Fort Wolverine NLT 27/1730hrs August 99. The convoy will deploy to the Mud Creek Militia Training Facility at 1800hrs. Other questions should be directed to the undersigned.

Norman Olson, Commander Northern Michigan Regional Militia Phone 231-548-4867 or 231-548-5878 --

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